Finishing SoCal off with a bang


the menu.

I like to watch food network. A lot. If it’s not food network, it’s a crime show. Eating and violence typically finish up my evenings.


I remember hearing about this restaurant through food network, Slater’s 50/50, a hamburger joint. It looked phenom on the TV so naturally I needed to experience it in person. Ryan and I decided to check it out for dinner, a much needed recovery from the Disneyland exhaustion the day before.  We got there around 4ish Sunday evening expecting it not to be too busy. There was a 45 minute wait but it seemed like we waited less…

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New mission activated

Well, hello again.

Previously on “here and there” (aka this blog); a few adventures in pre-med land… I’m now accepted to medical school. I’d like this blog to be more of a personal landing place for my “IRL” activities. Maybe some musings along the way in medical school. Less like my  “internet scrapbook” tumblr, more like a blog with actual posts. We’ll see.

I should matriculate to medical school this August; “where” is still pending. I’m waiting to hear back from a few places.  The excitement of going back to school is catching up with me and slowly converting to slight anxiety. Gotta turn that brain back on! Thankfully, I’ve worked in the emergency room as a scribe for physicians so I’ve had ample exposure to continuous medical learning. This will hopefully ease the transition for me (a little bit) into that little white coat…

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